Tom's Reflections

Thoughts following each interview

Talking Insecurity with Fern Lulham

Fern was a delight to interview and came to the interview with some inspirational and encouraging content. As a blind woman, her story makes my own insecurities feel very small in comparison, but nonetheless she recognises that we all share this 'human experiences' and each are significant. She...


Reflections on my conversation with Paul McGee

Paul Mcgee is a brilliant guest for the Oh My Days Academy. He's authored multiple books on themes related to wellbeing and personal development and speaks internationally, helping organisations to implement the principles of SUMO. I always love it when the work of our podcast guests is rooted...


Reflections on the Milton Jones Interview

Milton Jones was a delight to interview. A hero in the world of comedy, with many awards and TV shows under his belt, his down to earth manner won over my respect from the moment I met him. Others have noted this as they've watched the interview, impressed by the 'real' Milton Jones when not on...